Our Staff

Dr. Mark J. Pamer D.O.

Dr. Mark J. Pamer, D.O.

Dr. Mark J Pamer is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and specializes in Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care and Internal Medicine.

Sarah V. Notman

Sara V. Notman, PA-C, RRT

Sara V. Notman is currently a certified Physician Assistant and registered Respiratory Therapist. She has worked alongside Dr. Mark Pamer since January 2019.  

Jennifer (Jenn) DiCiurcio

Jennifer (Jenn) DiCiurcio, CMA

Jennifer (Jenn) DiCiurcio is currently a Certified Medical Assistant and Office Manager to the practice. She has worked alongside Dr. Mark J. Pamer since August 2010.  

Sarah Pamer

Sarah Pamer, RRT, RPFT

Sarah Pamer is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist with over 19 years of experience.

Kaitlin Radler

Kaitlin Radler, RRT

Kaitlin Radler is a Registered Respiratory Therapist, and has worked for Mark J. Pamer, DO, LLC since October 2018. She obtained her Bachelors’ Degree...

Thuy (Twee) LeBeau

Thuy ("Twee") LeBeau, RMA

Thuy (Twee) LeBeau is a Registered Medical Assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant. She joined Mark J. Pamer, DO, LLC in 2018. She has worked in several types....

Morgan Shultz

Morgan Shultz, EMT-P

Morgan Shultz is an Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic with over 16 years of experience. She joined Mark J. Pamer, DO, LLC in October 2019...

Carmen Sturchio

Carmen Sturchio

Carmen Sturchio is a Medical Receptionist. She has been in the medical field for over 31 years. She worked in Medical Records at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Connecticut for 15 years...

Traci Alves

Traci Alves

Traci Alves is a Medical Receptionist. She joined Mark J. Pamer, DO, LLC in December 2019. She has over four years of medical office experience...

9Mandi, RN Infusion nurse

Mandalyn (Mandi) Smith, RN

Mandalyn (Mandi) Smith is a Registered Nurse who specializes in oncology and IV Therapy Nursing.  She obtained her nursing degree from AdventHealth University in 2013.

Rebecca L. Gould

Rebecca L. Gould, MSC, CCC-SLP, BRS-S

Rebecca L. Gould is the Director/Owner of MedSpeech Inc, Medical Speech-Language Pathologists
of the Palm...